At Kingwood we believe knowledge of the Bible and practical application are central to healthy daily walk; therefore we provide an hour of “Sunday School” options for all ages, following the morning worship gathering.    

Children’s Church – The children’s ministry team teaches our young ones, ages 4 to fifth grade.  Each Sunday provides opportunity for singing, games, crafts, and a lesson from the Bible.

Middle school & high school – The youth meet up in “The Loft,” just above the gymnasium.  They enjoy social time (hanging out) with each other over a game of ping pong, fuseball, or pool, and then join together to study God’s Word in teaching, debate, small group and dialogue.

Women’s Ministry – A women’s Bible study is offered during the education hour.  This time focuses on digging into God’s Word and discovering its truth as it relates to whatever life circumstances the group may be facing.

Cornerstone – This class is for men and women of all ages, focusing on applying Biblical truth to everyday life.  The leaders of this class facilitate discussion, allowing those around the table to discuss the current topic or book of the Bible being studied.

Bereans – This class is intended for men and women of all ages, focusing on various books of the Bible, studying them verse by verse.  It is named after the Bereans mentioned in Acts 17:10-15 who “received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day.”   This class offers both teaching and facilitation of discussion.

Discovery Bible Study – This class is designed to work through a passage of Scripture (typically from the Gospels), reading it multiple times and wrestle with ideas or words that are hard to accept or understand.  It pushes people towards transformation of the truth of Scripture.