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Life Is In Jesus


This message is the conclusion of the book of 1 John. In the final chapter, John tells the reader that there are three who testify that Jesus is the Son of God. Those John calls to the witness stand are rather unusual. Listen in! But the testimony is the same: Jesus is the Son of […]

Overcomer – 1 John


In light of difficulty that life brings, you may not always feel like an overcomer. But if you have a relationship with God, through Jesus, the writer of 1 John says you are an overcomer. An overcomer’s heart is drawn to love the One who enables him/her to overcome. Love is demonstrated by obedience to […]

God’s Love for Us – 1 John


The Bible tells us in the book of 1 John that God is love. God’s love was demonstrated to humanity even though humanity didn’t love God. Paul writes in the book of Ephesians that because God does not tolerate sin, those who do nothing about their sin are objects of God’s wrath (2:1-4). This is […]

Love One Another – 1 John


Loving one another is evidence of an inner change that has taken place. A relationship with God impacts all other relationships. But personal guilt can lead to resentment of others and even hatred. In 1 John 3, we are drawn to the example of Christ who willingly laid down His life for others. Our relationship […]

Be Careful Who You Listen To – 1 John


There are plenty of voices speaking into our lives on a daily basis. As believers in Jesus we must be careful to discern what voices are actually true verses voices that simply sound true. The enemy is clever and extremely subtle. First John 2:18-27 warns believers about the spirit and mindset of the antichrist, which […]

The Love God Hates – 1 John


God is known for His love so we might almost feel uneasy saying there is a love God hates! But we must be honest about this one. God isn’t willing to take second place in a person’s life. Yet how often are we drawn to that which the world offers in hopes of finding satisfaction […]

Walking in the Light, Part 2 – 1 John

As we continue this study in 1 John, we discover a second ingredient that John says must be true if I genuinely am in the light: love for others within the body of Christ. In essence John tells us that talk is cheap but actions convey where we really are. If I claim to have […]

Walking in the Light – 1 John

In this message we begin a study from the book of 1 John, credited as being written by the apostle John. In this letter John begins by describing his interactions with Jesus and the message received by Jesus. The message: God is light. John unpacks this truth by telling believers that claiming to live in […]

Vision 2018


What is the vision for Kingwood Bible Church for this coming year? Where are we as a church going? How does it tie in with our mission which is to declare and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ to build up His church? Listen in to hear the vision.

Zacharias: Faith and Fear


Peter Ellis shares the morning message as this is his last Sunday with us. Peter and Katy Ellis have served at Kingwood Bible Church for the last few years as youth pastor and volunteering in a number of other ministries including worship and children. Peter’s message encourages us to choose faith over fear when we […]

Jesus is Light – Christmas Eve


For this Christmas eve service, we light the final advent candle, remembering Jesus who has come into the world.  Although the world is described by the gospel writer John as being a dark place, Jesus came as light.  While light exposes that which can be hidden in darkness, it brings about what is truly good.  […]

A Plan for All People


This Christmas Eve morning worship service lights the fourth advent candle and focuses on Immanuel, meaning “God with us.”  We hear what God with us means to each of us on a practical level.  Then we focus on the rest of the nativity narrative found in Luke 2:1-20.  Humility is laced all throughout these verses […]