Wisdom from on High – Part 5

This final message from this Christmas series recounts the visit of the Magi to little Jesus. Who were these guys? What were the current events taking place around the time of their visit? What are the implications for us today? Listen in!

Christmas Eve Service

Devotional reflections were shared on words uttered by Zechariah found in Luke 1:67-79.  His words bring to mind two patriarchal figures from the past, centering on God’s work in his life through John the Baptist and ultimately Jesus.

Wisdom from on High – Part 4

This fourth week of advent focuses on the state of being awestruck.  In wisdom, God chose to announce the birth of a Savior first to a group of shepherds.  Shepherds, who were often seen as societal outcasts, were filled with awe at the coming of...

Wisdom from On High – Part 3

Have you made plans only to find the plans change? Joseph had plans regarding his marriage to Mary. Those plans suddenly changed when he discovered she was pregnant. Likewise, his plans of divorcing her quickly changed when an angel appeared in a dream. Joseph...

Wisdom from On High – Part 2

This second week of advent focuses on Being Ready.  The narrative of Mary is one of being willing to accept what God wants to do in our life.  We look at how she surrendered her life to God’s will.  God is calling us to be ready too. Listen...
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