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Neither Poverty Nor Riches


This Sunday is the conclusion of a summer series from the book of Proverbs. Money is something Jesus was willing to address; King Solomon addressed this issue as well. The wisdom regarding one’s outlook on money, based on the book of Proverbs, speaks to the heart of the listener. Allow its truth to teach you!

Feeling a Bit Sluggish?


The book of Proverbs, on numerous occasions, challenges the way of a sluggard (lazy person). The solution? According to King Solomon, one is to examine ants and begin taking notes. Although it may seem humiliating to learn from such tiny creatures, ants have a work ethic many can learn from. While rest is necessary, hard […]

Who Are You Leaning On?


While it is nearly impossible to lean on oneself, think about how often people tend to trust their own intuition or abilities over the Lord. This is a temptation people of all ages are faced with. This message continues to engage the mind with the book of Proverbs, thinking through this area of trust. Proverbs […]

Wisdom Search


This message is the first of a summer series from the book of Proverbs. While culture recognizes it takes skill to become proficient in academics, sports, or art, does it also recognize it takes skill to do that which is right? King Solomon, the human author of Proverbs, wrote about this skill or wisdom and […]