Upside Down – Part 8

Do you sense growing conflict in our nation? Do you recognize the struggle of nations over the centuries? Even on a personal level, do you sense tension as it relates to others? Join us tomorrow as we discuss Jesus' words regarding the seventh Beatitude, "Blessed are...

Upside Down – Part 7

Do you ever feel as though you can't see God working? Do you grow discouraged feeling like you should see movement from God is greater ways? The sixth Beatitude Jesus taught exclaims, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they will SEE God." Join us this Sunday and we'll...

Upside Down – Part 6

This worship gathering took place on a farm! Join the service as we continue to walk through the Beatitudes this summer. The Beatitude today: blessed are the merciful for they will receive mercy. The service was recorded and later posted online.

The Prodigal Son that Stayed Home

Listen in to hear from a member of our congregation this week preach from Luke 15:11-32 on the story of a father and two Prodigal Sons.

Upside Down – Part 5

Do you continuously hunger and thirst for righteousness?  Hungering for righteousness one time doesn’t bring satisfaction.  Jesus shared the way to truly find fulfillment comes from a continual pursuit of righteousness. 

Youth Sunday

This Sunday has a youth ministry focus! Youth-led worship, slide shows, testimonies, and honoring the graduating class of 2020 are all part of this gathering.

Upside Down – Part 4

The third beatitude Jesus taught once again reminds us just how upside down his teaching went to natural thinking. Jesus emphasized that meek people are actually the ones who inherit the earth. Join us for this timely Father's Day message!

Upside Down – Part 3

How well do you relate to mourning and grief? This message recognizes that God comforts his children in the midst of sorrow but it also recognizes the need to mourn over the very things God mourns over. Just what does he mourn over? Join this summer walk through the...

Upside Down – Part 2

Join this summer walk through the beatitudes, the way of true blessing stated by Jesus. According to Jesus, the way to true blessing or true happiness comes contrary to what one expects. Let your mind engage with this first beatitude which provides a foundation for...

Upside Down – Part 1

Consider what you are looking to for deep-seated happiness. Have you found something that proves to be long-lasting or temporary? Join the introduction to a new series, "Upsides Down - A Summer Walk through the Beatitudes." Jesus says true happiness is discovered in a...

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