Following A God that does not live up to your expectations. John the Baptist, an example of doubt. Personal illustrations of our doubts. What causes doubt, and what should we do with it? Offended by Jesus? What offends you about Jesus, or Christianity? Does Jesus live...

A Passion For Missions

A Passon for Missions - Paul Tanner Ezekiel 2:1-10 Know who God is – a clear vision (1-2) Know what God wants you to do (3-5) Know what to expect when you obey this passion (6-7) Know God’s provision and presence (8-10) God’s word is nourishment for us God will not...

John 1

The first week in our series on the Book of John

Applied Faith: Active Waiting

1 Thessalonians 5:11-28 This was Pastor Dave's last Sunday as our pastor before retiring. Dave challenges us to forgive others and live out our faith. The solution to guilt is not looking for how to stop the guilt but to stop doing the things that cause guilt.  ...

Applied Faith: God in Charge

Ecclesiastes 3 is more than a song about "turn, turn, turn" but Solomon's advise about how to live free of fear in a fearful world.

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