Worms to Beetles (Peter Ellis)

Study of Romans 12:2 and other references to transformation as a process rather than just an instant. Meal worms become beetles rather than butterflies.

Where Were You (Easter)

Luke 24 contains the story of the days immediately after the Crucifixion of Jesus. Kingwood children read and sing about it, Peter Ellis story-tells about the road to Emmaus, and Pastor Dave explains Jesus' visit to the group.

That Radical Jesus (Palm Sunday)

Luke 19:28-48 is the story of Jesus "triumphal entry" into Jerusalem. As a king, he was unusual in that he begins with the heart not the power. Also a song by Martha Schwartz on cello and Pat Veer on piano.

Sabbath (#4 of 10 Commandments)

Exodus 20:8 and Genesis 2:1-18 deal with the origin and value of the Sabbath rest--physically, community, and spiritually. Work and creativity form the backdrop for rest and worship.

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