Crossing the Red Sea (Exodus 13)

Exposition of Exodus 13--the Red Sea Crossing. Sub-title is "The End of a chapter, not the end of the story" to show that while the Red Sea crossing, like receiving Christ, is a major event, it's really just the beginning of a journey filled with exciting...

Traditions With Meaning (Exodus 12)

Study of the Passover in Exodus 12 with regard to religious ceremonies and pointing to Jesus and the Last Supper. Music by Ryan Kargel.

People of Light (Exodus 10)

Exodus 10 and John 1:1-14 both deal with light. The 9th plague is the loss of light and John 1 tells of the coming of the light. Also, worship team song at end of sermon.

Patience of God

Exodus 10:12--11:10 deals with the 9th and 10 plagues in Egypt. Darkness and death make a statement about the relative power of God but also about his patience.

Power Encounter 2

A look at the 10 plagues in Exodus 10 as it relates to God's power over the gods of Egypt and our own lives.

Trust In God

Terry Brensinger, president of MB Biblical Seminary in Fresno, CA, uses Isaiah 31:1-3 as a challenge to trust God rather than politicians or other worldly powers.

Body Life

Study of the church and spiritual gifts taken from 1 Corinthians,  chapter 12

Unintended Consequences

Last of a 3 part series on God's view of money. Taken from 1 Kings 3, the story of Solomon's prayer for wisdom rather than riches.

Money Talks

Part 2 of 3 -part series on God and money. This message taken from Matthew 6 - The Sermon on the Mount - and verses from Proverbs about money.

Wheel of Fortune

Part 1 of series on Money as God sees it. This week based on Luke 12: 13-21 and texts from Proverbs.  Song by Anita Davis.

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