Final Week – Decision Time

Number 3 in series dealing with the final week of Jesus ministry. This message deals with Matthew 21:23-46 where Jesus gives warning by parables that If they choose not to respond then God will move on.

Final Week – By Whose Authority?

#2 in series dealing with Jesus' last week as recorded in Matthew 21, this week verses 12-27. Jesus proves to be radical in speaking truth to power and is challenged for it. He also addresses the subject of miracles.

Final Week – An Unusual King

First in a series based on Matthew 21, which begins with the Triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and ends in his death and resurrection. Includes "Understanding Easter"

Applied Grace – Access to Power

Based on Matthew 7:7-12 and Matthew 20:29-34 this is the last of the series called "Applied Grace" dealing with Jesus final teaching to the disciples about life after he's gone - his time a focus on prayer and miracles in daily life.

Applied Grace – Reversed Values

Continuing the series from Matthew 19 and 20 called "Applied Grace". This one is taken from Matthew 20:17-28 the story of ambitious disciples.

Applied Grace – Not Cheap Grace

Matthew 19:16-30 - Part of the series called "Applied Grace" based on Matthew 19 and 20. This story of the rich young man is Jesus teaching the disciples that the gospel of grace is not about compromise but about transformation.

Applied Grace – Natural Law

Number 2 in the Applied Grace series dealing with the tension lines of life in the real world. This message deals with natural law and is taken from Romans 1:18 - 2:4 dealing with universal moral standards.

Applied Grace – Marriage and Divorce

This series, covering Matthew 19 and 20, in which Jesus is preparing his disciples for living on the tension lines of true discipleship. Applying grace to real world circumstances isn't always easy or black and white. This first in the series deals with Matthew...

How To Be Afraid

Fear is not always bad. Fear is biblical and helps us keep God as God. Message by Peter Ellis on Philippians 2:5-12

Resolutions With Power

Starting the new year with personal  inventory of character and attitude issues taken from Ephesians 4:25 through 5:2

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