Ecclesiastes – Part 2

Knowledge is a wonderful pursuit when God is recognized and honored. But the moment God is removed or belittled, the pursuit of knowledge turns meaningless. The preacher of Ecclesiastes drives this point home. Ecclesiastes 1:12-18 2:12-16; 7:11-12, 19

Ecclesiastes – Part 1

Join us this Sunday as we beginning a new series on Ecclesiastes - Chasing Vapor - Worship in Reverence Also, hear an update about Ukraine from Chuck Kelley

Jesus-Centered Teaching 5-29-22

If you have never considered how Jesus ministered to people with a heart of grace and a voice of truth, it's worth considering! Jesus moved with such compassion towards people, but He also spoke honestly and never withheld the truth they likely didn't want to hear....

Jesus-Centered Teaching – 5/22/2022

Do you ever feel like you are on the "outside" - like you just don't fit with others? Hear these words: God pursues you. Join us for this message as we discover this truth. Luke 19:1-10

Youth Sunday 2022

Join us as we honor the graduating class of 2022. The gathering in its entirety will be led by our youth!

Bold Together – Part 3

Join us for our Sunday Gathering on Mother's Day as we discuss how we cultivate a Bold Faith.

Bold Together – Part 2

Do you desire to grow inappropriate boldness? What comes to your mind when you hear the word BOLD? Join us as we unpack what it takes to grow more bold! Acts 4:1-13

Bold Together – Part 1

Do you consider yourself a bold or timid person? Can a person demonstrate too much boldness? The theme and vision for this year is BOLD TOGETHER. We will unpack this vision with hopes of it becoming more of our desire.

Resurrection Celebration – Just as He Said

What do you make of the resurrection of Jesus? Are you a devoted follower? A bit of a skeptic? Either way, join us as we look at this life-changing event in human history. Luke 24:13-35

Good Friday Service 4-15-2022

Join us as we remember the death of Jesus that paid the penalty for our sin so that we could be made right with God. Tune in on Sunday to hear how Jesus rose from the dead.

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