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Jesus-Centered Teaching


This is a stand-alone message examining forgiveness. Prior to the message, Kingwood gathered to observe communion. In light of the forgiveness we have received from the cross of Christ, does it not make sense that we would be the very ones who extend forgiveness to others?

Twists & Turns (Part 5)


Have you been wronged by someone in the past and find it difficult to forgive? Perhaps with the passing of time you really struggle to forgive and find that bitterness has taken root and growing. As we continue to study the life of Joseph we learn at least 20 years have gone by when his […]

Applied Faith: Active Waiting


1 Thessalonians 5:11-28 This was Pastor Dave’s last Sunday as our pastor before retiring. Dave challenges us to forgive others and live out our faith. The solution to guilt is not looking for how to stop the guilt but to stop doing the things that cause guilt.   The sermon is incomplete due to the […]