Living in Babylon – Lessons from Daniel – Part 6

"Pride goes before destruction" says the writer of Proverbs. This message recounts a king who grew extremely full of himself but ended up distastefully humbled. As we consider this example it begs the question: what does it take for God to get our attention? Daniel...

Living in Babylon – Lessons from Daniel – Part 5

Who is your allegiance to? God or something or someone else? Three young Hebrew men took a stand years ago before a king because their allegiance was to God. It was costly, yet God took care of them when their choice had huge implications. Daniel 3:1-30

Living in Babylon – Lessons from Daniel – Part 4

God pursues everyone...including you. And God is sovereignly in control of all situations...including yours! Join us for this message from the book of Daniel and we will see these two principles fleshed out. Daniel 2:1-49

Living in Babylon – Lessons from Daniel – Part 3

The saying goes a frog in a pot of water slowly brought to a boil doesn't recognize the temperature increasing. Culture is quickly shifting. Do we discern when the shift is unhealthy and what response is best? The book of Daniel presents an example worth noting which...

Living in Babylon – Lessons from Daniel – Part 2

A relationship with God doesn't mean you are oblivious to pain and difficulty. No, a relationship with God means He is present when you encounter pain and difficulty. This message identifies the hardships Daniel and his friends endured as they were forced into...

Living in Babylon – Lessons from Daniel – Part 1

If the culture surrounding you wears you down occasionally, this message is for you. This series examines the first half of the book of Daniel. It describes a few young people, taken against their will to a foreign land, yet chose to stand strong in the midst of...


If you sense the need for renewal of mind and spirit, this message is for you! Life brings with it a sense of weariness. Tired people need help...God gives it! Isaiah 40:18-31

Why So Downcast

Are you feeling discouraged? Does the hurts of the world get you feeling down? If so, discouragement isn't a feeling any desires, but also know you are not the first to experience these feelings. The "Sons of Korah" spoke to these feelings in the Psalms. Psalm 42-43

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 12

This message is both the conclusion of a summer series titled "The Only Way He Taught Them," a study of parables from Jesus. It also is the commissioning service for one of our missionaries. This parable provides insight and challenge to those ministering here at home...

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 11

If you follow Jesus, why do you follow? If following Jesus brings inconvenience to your life, would you still follow? Jesus offered straightforward talk for those choosing to follow Jesus as well as those who opt out. Luke 14:25-35

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