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Youth Sunday

This Sunday has a youth ministry focus! Youth-led worship, slide shows, testimonies, and honoring the graduating class of 2020 are all part of this gathering.

Upside Down – Part 4


The third beatitude Jesus taught once again reminds us just how upside down his teaching went to natural thinking. Jesus emphasized that meek people are actually the ones who inherit the earth. Join us for this timely Father’s Day message!

Upside Down – Part 3


How well do you relate to mourning and grief? This message recognizes that God comforts his children in the midst of sorrow but it also recognizes the need to mourn over the very things God mourns over. Just what does he mourn over? Join this summer walk through the beatitudes, the way of true blessing […]

Upside Down – Part 2


Join this summer walk through the beatitudes, the way of true blessing stated by Jesus. According to Jesus, the way to true blessing or true happiness comes contrary to what one expects. Let your mind engage with this first beatitude which provides a foundation for the others to follow.

Upside Down – Part 1


Consider what you are looking to for deep-seated happiness. Have you found something that proves to be long-lasting or temporary? Join the introduction to a new series, “Upsides Down – A Summer Walk through the Beatitudes.” Jesus says true happiness is discovered in a way contrary to natural thinking.

Matthew 21:8-17


This message observes an encounter Jesus had involving children, but it comes at a place in the gospels least expected. Children teach grown-ups much and Jesus understood this. At the close of the message, communion will be observed. You are invited to participate in remembering Jesus’ sacrifice!

Shine: Eager – Part 5


This message concludes the series titled “Shine.” Talking about shining doesn’t move one into practice. It must be acted on. Scripture states that believers shine like stars in the universe (Philippians 2:15). How eager are you to shine? This message closes with practical ways to put into practice the truth of this series.  

Shine: Nurtured – Part 4


Believers are to shine. What motivates them to do so? Is it strict adherence to a set of rules? Growing in self-discipline? Or is there something else? This Sunday’s message addresses this.

Shine: Immense – Part 3


Do you feel as though difficulty in life keeps you from shining? Perhaps as a follower of Jesus you believe you would shine “if only…” What trials are you currently faced with? Consider that God is able to use that which we see as IMMENSE trouble to make us shine for His glory!  

Shine: Hindrances – Part 2


Followers of Jesus should bring light to the world, but certain behaviors and attitudes can stand in the way. What stands in the way? This message shares both hindrances and the solution to shining. Sunday Questions ~ April 26, 2020 sHine: Hindrance (Part 2) ~Opening Question: Pastor Nathan shared a story about a time Kelsey found […]

Shine: Source – Part 1


This message is the beginning of a new series. Followers of Jesus are called to shine in the midst of spiritual darkness permeating the world. In order to shine one must know the source of light!

Ephesians: Vibrant Love for Jesus – Part 14


This Easter celebration examines the final verses of Ephesians – the armor of God.  While it may seem unusual to look at this passage for Easter, the reason believers are able to stand their ground against the enemy is fully because of the resurrection of Jesus.  When Jesus rose from the grave He defeated not […]