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Ephesians: Vibrant Love for Jesus – Part 5


There is much which can divide believers, yet the blood of Jesus brings unity. When the book of Ephesians was originally penned, thick animosity existed between Jews and Gentiles. Jesus brought peace to both of these groups! His desire for unity within the body today is the same.

Ephesians: Vibrant Love for Jesus – Part 3


If you could ensure the spiritual salvation of one person this coming year, who would it be? This passage provides a beautiful prayer filled with hope for those whose hearts are yet to open to the saving grace of God. Listen in!

Ephesians: Vibrant Love for Jesus – Part 2


Praise comes natural for human beings.  Whether it is in relation to a favorite restaurant, a speedy car, or a trendy new gadget, people do praise well!  Ephesians 1:3-14 speak of the praise Heavenly Father is worthy of in drawing people into relationship with Him.  May the message be heard loud and clear: you are […]

Ephesians: Vibrant Love for Jesus – Part 1


This message is the introduction to the book of Ephesians, a study over the next 11-12 weeks. Culture slides towards moral and spiritual depravity as you have likely noticed. Faith in Jesus often leads to living countercultural. This calling is true in the present age as it was true for believers living in Ephesus at […]