I and II Timothy

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Teach These Things (Part 3)


This is the final message in a mini-series from the letters Paul wrote to a young pastor in 1 & 2 Timothy.  This message notes the common thread of instruction given surrounding the plea to Timothy to teach these things.  What is that common thread?  Listen to discover.  

Teach These Things (Part 2)


This message continues to look at a letter Paul wrote to Timothy, a young pastor giving leadership in the church at Ephesus. Paul’s instruction to Timothy was to “teach these things.” If there are certain things Timothy was to teach, what are they? This message highlights what Timothy was to teach.

Teach These Things (Part 1)


The books 1 & 2 Timothy were written to a young pastor overseeing a church in Ephesus. One can imagine may have gone through Timothy’s head as the task at hand likely seemed bigger than what he felt capable of. Paul writes to encourage Timothy to teach certain things to the church. What things did […]