The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 12

This message is both the conclusion of a summer series titled "The Only Way He Taught Them," a study of parables from Jesus. It also is the commissioning service for one of our missionaries. This parable provides insight and challenge to those ministering here at home...

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 11

If you follow Jesus, why do you follow? If following Jesus brings inconvenience to your life, would you still follow? Jesus offered straightforward talk for those choosing to follow Jesus as well as those who opt out. Luke 14:25-35

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 10

Listen to Part 10 of our series on Parables. Service was recorded outside during our Church at the Lake Sunday. No video recording is available.

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 9

Self-entitled people need mercy too, correct! Absolutely. But it takes humility to receive the mercy God offers. Join us as we look at a parable of two contrasting people and their attitudes towards God. Luke 18:9-14

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 8

Are you one who likes to keep score? Do you take note of what is fair or unfair? Do you think Jesus likes to keep things fair? Join us for this message as we continue to learn from the parables Jesus taught.

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 6

Listen to Part 6 of our series on Parables. This week we learn about two similar parables. One of the pearl of great value and one of a treasure found hidden in a field where he is willing to sell everything he has to obtain it. There is no live stream from this...

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 5

One can focus so much on the teaching of Jesus and yet miss him. What a tragedy. There is another tragedy: to believe you can have Jesus and ignore his teaching. Join the continuation of this summer series on parables taught by Jesus!

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 4

Join us for Sunday Service. Jordan Ringhofer USMB Pacific District Minister will be bringing the message on "Then and now. The parable of the talents"

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 3

This summer we are working through a series of parables Jesus taught. The Parable of the Lost Son provides focus for this message. But this parable goes deeper than the lost son! Luke 15:11-32

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