Commissioning Service

Kingwood is thrilled to send off two of our own serving the Lord in Kenya! As their sending church, we have the opportunity to bless Joshua and Rebeca with love, support, and prayer. Join this special occasion and celebration!

Culturally Relevant, Biblically Sound – Part 3

As a follower of Jesus are you culturally relevant and biblically sound? Both are important! Join this message and hear from guest speaker, Dr. Joshua Duff, director of Ecola Bible College in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Culturally Relevant, Biblically Sound – Part 2

Are you influenced more by culture, or by the Bible? If you were to answer that honestly, how would you respond? This message looks at the importance of remaining biblically sound. We are sorry but we are not able to embed this video. To watch the service, please...

Culturally Relevant, Biblically Sound – Part 1

What does it mean for a believer to practice cultural relevance? Does it excite you to hear of Christians desiring cultural relevance or scare you? This message begins a three week series considering this topic!

Great Commission & Great Commandment

It's a new year! Regardless of what comes this year, let's focus on direction we can collectively move in. What focus can we collectively pray about and put into practice?

All In/Out for Jesus – Running the Race

Watch to hear Paul Tanner preach about being All In for Jesus in our Life. He challenges to run with endurance with our family, with Jesus, and with a Passion for the lost and those that need Jesus. Below is the video recording of the service

New Disciples Praise Him – Part 3

Dave Jongeward, Dean of Spiritual Formation at Colorado Christian University speaks about the command of Jesus to make disciples. His message includes stories from his ministry experience while drawing implications for all believers today. Listen in! The last part of...

New Disciples Praise Him – Part 2

If Jesus calls believers to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8), why do many feel as though they are the attorney? Being a witness means providing the evidence as the attorney directs. Who is the attorney and what is the evidence provided? Listen in!

New Disciples Praise Him – Part 1

Do you get uncomfortable when the Great Commission is read? Do you feel as though you are somehow not doing your part to obey the words of Jesus by “going”? This message examines what Jesus had in mind when He gave these words (Matthew 28:16-20). It’s a message for...

Am I Available (Part 1)

A new mini-series is introduced in this message called “Am I Available?” focusing on our availability to allow God to use us however He deems best. The foundational truth wrestled with in this message is this: I am not my own. Once we recognize that we have been...

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