Nathan Ensz

Vision 2023

Start the year with us in worship to our great God and listen to find out our vision word for 2023

The Power of Communion

Start the year with us in worship to our great God and learn about the power of communion this week.

Joy Unspeakable – Part 3

Relationship with God intends to impact relationship with others. The vertical and horizontal relationships are very connected...building or disrupting joy. What do your relationships provide? Philippians 2:1-11

Joy Unspeakable – Part 2

Scripture indicates that joy is possible and even something God desires for His children. The way joy arrives may come as a surprise!

Joy Unspeakable – Part 1

Christmastime provides the opportunity to experience joy. But what about when joy seems absent? Do Christians always have joy at Christmas? This message addresses when joy comes hard. Psalm 30:1-12

Jesus of the Gospels – Luke 10-:1-20

Do you realize Jesus sent people out on "short-term mission trips"? He did so on a couple of different occasions. Engage with this message as one of those trips is examined. Luke 10:1-20

Come and Go – Part 2

What is your role in helping spread the good news of Jesus global? What does that look like for you? The stories of God calling others to communicate His forgiveness may prompt you to understand how He calls you.

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