Nathan Ensz

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 6

Listen to Part 6 of our series on Parables. This week we learn about two similar parables. One of the pearl of great value and one of a treasure found hidden in a field where he is willing to sell everything he has to obtain it. There is no live stream from this...

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 5

One can focus so much on the teaching of Jesus and yet miss him. What a tragedy. There is another tragedy: to believe you can have Jesus and ignore his teaching. Join the continuation of this summer series on parables taught by Jesus!

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 3

This summer we are working through a series of parables Jesus taught. The Parable of the Lost Son provides focus for this message. But this parable goes deeper than the lost son! Luke 15:11-32

The Only Way He Taught Them – Part 1

Jesus used parables to communicate great truths. This was a clever way to convey his message, but was there a further reason? This message unpacks his reasoning and introduces the theme for this summer. Mark 4:1-20, 33-34

One Thing I Know… Be Transformed – Part 2

Believers in Jesus who seek to truly follow him are counter-cultural. They seek transformation of the mind by the Spirit of God. This requires answering one question. Join us for the question.

One Thing I Know…Be Transformed – Part 1

If believers in Jesus are not transformed by Jesus, it is safe to say they are growing in conformity to the world. Spiritual transformation doesn’t begin with religion…it begins with Jesus. Only through Jesus can change truly occur.

Love Your Neighbor – Part 4

When prompted, Jesus said the second greatest commandment is to love neighbor as one loves self. Join us for the conclusion to this series as we discover what else Scripture says regarding "neighbor."

Love Your Neighbor – Part 2

The Good Samaritan is a well-known parable Jesus told...yet maybe there is a thing or two you haven't considered before. Join us as we answer the question, "Who is my neighbor?"

Love Your Neighbor – Part 1

Imagine how society might differ is we took the second greatest commandment seriously. Jesus said to love neighbor as self. The tendency is to turn this into people. What if Jesus actually meant the person next door? Join us! Matthew 22:34-40

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