Esther: A Reversal Story (Part 4)

Listen in to the last part of the series on Esther. In this sermon you will hear about how God rescued the Jews from destruction.

Esther: A Reversal Story (Part 3)

Do you recognize you are here, right now, for a particular purpose? If you do, it does not mean God will never direct you elsewhere, but it does bring a greater sense of intention to your existence. This is true even when you feel you are surrounded by many who oppose...

Esther: A Reversal Story (Part 2)

Sometimes in life you may feel as though things go from bad to worse. This certainly was the case for Esther and Mordecai. Due to an unwillingness on the part of Mordecai to bow down to Haman, King Xerxes was influenced to annihilate the entire race of Mordecai’s...

Esther: A Reversal Story (Part 1)

This message the introduction to the book of Esther. It sets the stage for the events that take place, looking at some of the major characters involved. The overarching theme of God's providence in the book of Esther is shared, although not evident within the first...

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