Individual topics

Great Commission & Great Commandment

It's a new year! Regardless of what comes this year, let's focus on direction we can collectively move in. What focus can we collectively pray about and put into practice?

Jesus-Centered Teaching

This is a stand-alone message examining forgiveness. Prior to the message, Kingwood gathered to observe communion. In light of the forgiveness we have received from the cross of Christ, does it not make sense that we would be the very ones who extend forgiveness to...

David and Goliath

God vs. Goliath 1 Samuel 17 Takeaways for life  Remember how God has helped you in the past as it reminds us of his goodness and power for the present. God doesn’t use the powerful to show his power but the weak. In your weakness, God’s work is more visible. The...

The Honor of Christmas

The Honor of Christmas

The story of Christmas is one of God honoring the Son and of us honoring God's gift to us.  Like a child honors his parents by obeying so we honor God when we obey him.  Are you bringing honor to God in how you live your life? Matthew 2:1-12 Other Scripture...

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