Final Week

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The Greatest Miracle of All


Skepticism is common among people today‚Ķand rightly so because counterfeit and fake permeate many aspects of our culture. So when approaching the claims of the Bible, it causes people to question its validity as well. In this message we examine secular/non-Christian documents about Jesus. What we find only supports the claims of the Bible. This […]

Final Week – Decision Time


Number 3 in series dealing with the final week of Jesus ministry. This message deals with Matthew 21:23-46 where Jesus gives warning by parables that If they choose not to respond then God will move on.

Final Week – By Whose Authority?


#2 in series dealing with Jesus’ last week as recorded in Matthew 21, this week verses 12-27. Jesus proves to be radical in speaking truth to power and is challenged for it. He also addresses the subject of miracles.