Go Down, Grow Bold, Moses – Part 7

Does life ever present difficulties that make you feel trapped? Your faith in the Lord generates trust, but you find yourself clueless as to how He will pull you through. Though extremely difficult, it is in these situations that God demonstrates His greatest power.

Go Down, Grow Bold, Moses – Part 6

Do you struggle to accept consequences? Do you think punishment is unfair? Do you believe God has the right to determine consequences? Further, do you recognize God’s mercy when He provides an alternative to consequences He has forewarned?

Go Down, Grow Bold, Moses – Part 5

Has God made Himself known to you before? Perhaps in a time a desperation, His power became known. The book of Exodus recounts the bondage of God's people. It was in the midst of this that God displayed his supreme power.

Go Down, Grow Bold, Moses – Part 4

Discouragement is real and faith in the Lord doesn't make a person exempt. This message continues a study on Moses, a bold leader, but someone who understood discouragement. Interestingly, as Moses initially grew in boldness, discouragement quickly set in. Exodus...

Go Down, Grow Bold, Moses – Part 3

Trusting in personal ability quickly grows unhealthy. Overconfidence of ability leads to arrogance; a lack of confidence brings defeat. Both are unhealthy. God works powerfully when we step out in boldness understanding that His empowerment is where we find our...

Go Down, Grow Bold, Moses – Part 2

Sometimes we act out of good intention but lack the wisdom and empowerment from God. Moses saw the injustice of his people and wanted to do something; however he was not ready to lead a nation out of Egypt. Good intentions must be met with Spirit empowerment and...

Go Down, Grow Bold, Moses – Part 1

Guilt stemming from poor decisions is good and potentially the motivational factor needed to change behavior. Yet as human beings, we are good at creating unnecessary guilt. Do you experience guilt because you lack boldness for the Lord? Healthy guilt draws you into...

No Turning Back (Golden Calf)

Exodus 32 is the story of the golden calf and the return to idolatry. We also make progress in 3 steps forward fashion.

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