1 Samuel

Transitions: Lessons from 1 Samuel – Part 4

Do you ever feel as though God doesn’t like you? Like he just doesn’t care about your well-being? The people of God living 3,000 years ago felt like God had abandoned them; the truth of the matter reveals that God was with them all along. In actuality, they had...

Transitions: Lessons from 1 Samuel – Part 3

How well do you listen?  If you struggle to listen to others, is it possible you also struggle to listen to the Lord?  The Lord speaks…a questions should remain: do I listen? 

Transitions: Lessons from 1 Samuel – Part 2

What one thing must you have for life to feel good?  How would you honestly answer this question during this season of your life?  Part 2 of this series explores the life of Hannah and how she would likely have answered that question.  That which we believe will make...

Transitions: Lessons from 1 Samuel – Part 1

The book of 1 Samuel records various transitions the people of God encountered. Although the events of this book took place 3,000 years ago, it shares principles to apply today. Consider what transitions you are faced with. Consider the transitions our own country has...

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