Twists & Turns

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Twists & Turns (Part 6)


This is the conclusion of a six week series on the life of Joseph, looking at the “twists and turns” his life took. This message looks at the interaction of 11 brothers with Joseph as well as well as Joseph revealing his true identity to them. Joseph recognized God’s ultimate purpose in spite of evil […]

Twists & Turns (Part 5)


Have you been wronged by someone in the past and find it difficult to forgive? Perhaps with the passing of time you really struggle to forgive and find that bitterness has taken root and growing. As we continue to study the life of Joseph we learn at least 20 years have gone by when his […]

Twists & Turns (Part 4)


After 13 years of slavery and imprisonment, Joseph was elevated to second in command in Egypt. In the matter of hours, he went from “pit” to palace. That which God promised to Joseph years prior through two dreams was beginning to become a reality. All the pain he endured was now turning to the fulfillment […]

Twists & Turns (Part 3)


How well do you wait? Are you in a “waiting season” right now? As this study continues from the life of Joseph, we realize Joseph did a lot of waiting. Eleven years passed from the time he was sent from his home to the time he interpreted the dream of the cupbearer and the baker […]

Twists & Turns (Part 2)


This message continues to examine the life of Joseph. While Scripture tells us God was with Joseph giving him success in all he did, it almost seems that things went from bad to worse. Genesis 39 recounts false accusations made by Potiphar’s wife about Joseph, landing him in prison. And yet in the midst of […]

Twists & Turns (Part 1)


One doesn’t need to live all that long before realizing life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes these twists and turns include that which is unpleasant and perhaps even unfair. This message begins a study from the life of Joseph found in Genesis 37. He was one who understood injustice. While the difficulties […]