Guest Speaker

This message is given by guest speaker, Ron Friesen. Ron serves on the pastoral staff at Salem Alliance Church, leading LifePath, a 12-step recovery program. His messages focuses on the great grace of God.

A Heart Without Grace (Part 2)

This message is the second half of a study on Luke 7:36-50, an encounter Jesus had with a Pharisee and a woman who was known for her sin. While Jesus was the dinner guest of a Pharisee, all the cultural customs that should have been done to make Him feel welcomed were...

A Heart Without Grace (Part 1)

Have you ever been the recipient of grace from another human being? We long to receive grace, both from God and others, but sometimes struggle to extend it ourselves to those around. In this message we begin to examine an encounter Jesus had with a Pharisee and an...

Applied Faith: Broken

John 4 tells the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. Grace, acceptance, and forgiveness for brokenness applied.

Sin, Fear, and Grace (Exodus 19)

Exodus 19 reports on what happened just before the 10 commandments are given by God. The people were warned and afraid, which was the right response. But there’s more than guilt and fear. There’s grace.
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