One Word

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One Word: Anxiety


There is much in life that can lead a person to anxiety. Yet Scripture instructs, “Do not be anxious about anything…” (Phil. 4:6). Wow! What a tall order. Anxiety is real, yet the verses around this instruction give attention to what a mind is to focus on instead. Listen in!

One Word: Loneliness


People today have grown significantly more connected via the internet.  Social media encourages connectivity; yet while connectivity through this means has increased, so has the sense of loneliness and despair.  How does Scripture guide someone who is feeling the sting of loneliness?  This message takes a look at answering that question.  

One Word: Baptism


Today is a day of celebration for the Kingwood family! Baptism symbolizes that new life has been found through faith in Jesus. Baptism also indicates signs of new in the church. Today we examine this one word “baptism.” The message is followed up with the baptism of four believers!

One Word: Fellowship


People are wired to connect with others. Regardless of personality type, all people to varying degrees, need others for mutual sharing and spiritual encouragement. This message looks at what Scripture says in light of this one word!

One Word: Assurance


While salvation experiences differ for believers, there is one thing all hold in common – the desire to be assured of one’s salvation.  The good news – God wants believers to be assured of their salvation too!  This message examines Scriptural truth to give believers assurance of their salvation.  

One Word: Communion


This message is the introduction to our summer series “One Word.” The word considered in this message: Communion. What does it mean? Why has the church historically referred to the Lord’s Supper as Communion? What other questions might we ask in light of Communion? Listen in to discover the answer.